TriFinance - CFO Services

CFO Services is a specialty unit from TriFinance. It consists of four expert practices: complexity reduction, processes for transparency, corporate reporting and credit management.

Each of these expert practices consists of experienced professionals with a background in finance, process management, project management, credit management and internal audit, both in operational environments and in consultancy.

TriFinance - CFO Services is specialized in analyzing, optimizing and positioning credit management within organizations. The ultimate goal is to take credit management to a more strategic level and facilitate interaction with other functions. The focus here is on four activities.

Credit management training

Efficient working methods start with good people who have sufficient knowledge and qualities to optimally fulfil their tasks. To hone these skills, we offer several training modules in both standard and customized versions. Our experts also provide pragmatic coaching for credit managers by helping them with tips and tricks. 

Process optimization

An end-to-end process-based method is the key to success. We use our pragmatic quick-scan methodology to map, analyze and optimize processes quickly across various departments. Data analysis, interviews and observations are used to establish the current situation. After testing against best practices, we then create a step-by-step plan with our clients to take them towards their ideal situation.

Tool selection and implementation

Good people and streamlined processes need to be supported by the right systems. Our knowledge and experience with master data management and governance, and our grasp of the needs and tools available in the field of credit management allow us to support companies in their search for the ideal solution for their needs. Our project managers monitor the timing, quality and scope of the implementation.

Temporary credit management support

In times of change and when unforeseen circumstances occur, temporary support can be very welcome. Our extensive portfolio of project consultants includes project managers, credit managers, credit analysts, credit controllers and credit collectors.

Cristof Van Laer Expert Practice Leader - Credit Management
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