Credit analysis for the credit controller / collector

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25 Sep 09:00u - 16:00u



The 1-day training program is designed specifically for all Credit Management Professionals who wish to further develop expert knowledge in the financial domain of Credit Management.

It was designed for the credit management professional who wishes to enhance his or her analytic skills needed in the assessment of counterparty risk from an underwriting viewpoint or trade debtor exposure.
We aim to create a dynamic experience where trainees learn to apply a structured approach to assess the creditworthiness of a borrower.


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Meet the trainer
Expert Manager - Credit Management

Jo Uyttersprot is Expert Manager Credit Management at TriFinance. Within CFO Services, he is an expert in the area of creating improvement tracks for the Credit Management function. Currently, Jo has twenty years of experience in Credit Management and Compliance. He has worked both independently and as a leader for operational teams in Collections and Customer Care.

Jo loves to share his knowledge and provide training. He has extensive experience in minimizing losses by researching, developing and implementing collection procedures that reduce the amount of delinquency. He is passionate about clear management reporting, analyzing the right operational and financial data in order to highlight trends in losses, complaints, fraud and identify risk areas within credit management.