Tool Training

In the classroom training program on credit management, TriFinance also offers tool training, in several levels of proficiency. All levels of users within the credit management tool are covered in our training program.

Both beginning users and experienced key users can benefit from the expertise offered by our trainers. Also, trainings for application managers for better setting up the system, in line with your credit management strategy, are offered.

Tool training for beginning users

These introductory sessions are designed for users without any previous experience, and will teach you the basics required to be comfortable and effective in working with the most commonly used credit tools.

Tool training for advanced users

For those having a good insight and experience with credit tools, these training sessions will cover the advanced features and functionalities, illustrated with practical examples. Also, several reporting features will be demonstrated.

Tool training for application managers

The training sessions are designed to equip users with the necessary skillset to become an effective application manager for their credit tool environment. In this training session, you will combine building up your knowledge about the functional settings with some best practices to further enhance the performance of your credit management team. 

Dieter Verbeek Business Manager Credit Management
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